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Range of services


Beginning with retract of the paint shop until approval of the OEM we support you at every stage, through our long term contacts to the OEMs you will be faster at your goal. Use our excellent contacts and experience

Paint shop optimization:

We check if your paint shops run optimal as well as the effective application at you parts (Filler, base paint and clear coat) for you to know how much paint loss you have through overspray or not optimal painting from the paint shop settings. This will also be analyzed and documented through FMEA and an action plan.

Create Paint programs for new parts:

We create Teach programs for new parts on your teach robot, install it for production and make corrections until it is ready for SOP.

Paint through hand and Spotrepair:

We have long-term experience in painting with hand and spot repair, from filler to clear coat; if you have problems to choose the correct product or don’t know how to paint your parts correctly contact us. We have painted parts for OEMS until SOP.

Optimization of the paint surface:

We know every paint producer and every target of the OEMs how the Longwave and Shortwave has to look. You have problems at fulfilling the target of the OEM or find the best paint producer? We will be happy to help with our excellent contacts and experience. We optimize your paint shop in coordination with the OEM and paint producer. We are also experienced with Measure types as BYK-MAC or XRite as well as visual judgment of other measure types (Gloss etc.). We have long-term experience with fair- and press cars as well as their targets. Sanding and polishing is also a part of our partner VISOMAX.

Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean practice:

If you have to high scrap rate from painting or after polishing, are the internal runtimes to high, no capacity in the paint shop, is the workflow not optimal or the workplaces not placed optimal we support you in Six Sigma, Lean practice and tools which will optimize and improve your working process.